Beauty Tips Shown with Pastel Colors

Pastel is currently a trend for the fashion lovers especially lovers of pastel colored clothing and pastel-colored makeup.

There are several kinds of pastel colors are very popular with fashion connoisseurs among other things: light blue, soft pink, pale purple, light green, and still other banyk. The core of pastel colors here are some that feel very soft to look at.

In order for us more confident when wearing pastel colored clothes dominant, we should note the tips look beautiful with these pastel colors.

Choose accessories that match the dress pastel colors
The core of the application of pastel colors in fashion to create the impression we are not excessive and modest in dress. Therefore it is very important for us to choose fashion accessories that look simple and not overdo it either.

The combination of pastel-colored dress with some gorgeous accessories will add to the look we are more beautiful and elegant. Apparently ’50an year old school fashion style can be used as an inspiration for us to still look elegant and beautiful pastel colors.

The combination of simple design dress with some kind of accessories will make you look more fashionable than ever. Soft pink color of the dress we wear firm tone will be more visible if we match it with some accessories such as necklaces, rings impressive bling-bling. Do not forget to wear high heels with sparkling colors that we look more attractive.

For the necklace, we can use a necklace with a design that is quite complicated to give tone color and design on a simple soft pink dress. Then for the use of high heels, sparkling waluapun but still choose colors that match the color of the clothes we wear.

We can add other accessories such as sunglasses and handbags tiny color matching well with our simple dresses. Even with a simple soft pink dress, will look more beautiful with pastel colors applied appropriately in the selection of accessories.

One example is another pastel yellow mellow. Same with the color of the dress accessories apply soft pink, mellow yellow colored dress would also look beautiful and fashionable accessories such as a necklace with a mix of ethnic patterned to look more elegant and classy style.

Apply make up minimalist
To offset look pretty with pastel colors especially pastel colored clothing, so as not to look too much and remain soft colors should we use some makeup minimalist.

The right makeup colors to create the impression of a minimalist in the eyes is to use a light-colored eye liner like brown or pink. Seabiknya do not use eye liner black or other dark colors because it will create an impression on us today.

Should we also do not need to use the effect of shading on the nose and cheek bones because it will reduce the natural impression on our makeup. Then for cheek color blush you should use soft colors such as soft pink to match the color of clothing worn.

Use lip gloss or lipstick with pink color to give a natural texture of pink on your lips. The use of the color pink on lips we also aim to reduce the appearance of pale lips.

While for our makeup, we should use foundation lightly and then use a soft powder on our faces. Thus, pemlihan minimalist makeup and the proper use of akesoris can add to the look we become more beautiful with pastel colors.