What to Menu Served?

Wedding catering menu is one thing that should not be underestimated. The wedding reception is not only about the location and concept, but a variety of diet also plays an important role in it.

Do you have the right to determine the menu served in a wedding reception? Usually aka tone a lot of questions, a case of whether the guests will like the menu or if the menu is too fancy or maybe even too simple?

So many questions in your mind, then here are some tips to keep in mind in choosing the menu for the wedding reception.

One thing you must remember, the menu is the element that will always be remembered by the guests. Make sure you find the right menu.

1. Do not order food in quantities too much and do not count the amount of food according to the number of guests / invitation came. But do not also order food that is too little and minimal. Do you want people to remember your party just because of the amount of food that is less? Surely not, right?

2. Vary the wedding menu. For example, you can order some of the “shacks”, such as meatballs, lamb roll, chicken satay, or others. Do not only serves white rice and side dishes because not all guests will love it.

3. Choosing the menu for the reception should consider the comfort of the guests. Are not a king? Avoid presenting a menu that makes your guests the hassle of eating, such as the spiny fish. Or foods that will spoil lipstick.

4. Provide a dessert or dessert that will be preferred by guests, such as ice cream, pudding, or fruits.

5. Ask the catering for the present sample menu and use the opportunity to sample the menu is well-deserved what was served at the wedding reception.

In choosing the menu for the reception, try to always communicate with your Wedding Organizer. Usually they have some of the right option for the menu. Hopefully, these tips to choose the menu for the reception of the above can be used as a reference in determining the menus for wedding receptions.