Designing Wedding Themed Party Color Yellow

If you buff yellow, the color can be an option for you in preparing the wedding theme. Here are the things you need to do in preparing for the wedding studded his yellow each item.

Determining wedding dress
The bride is the central of a wedding party. Thus, the wedding dress is one of the most important. To customize the theme you specify, design yellow wedding dress where you can bring together various shades of yellow to form a beautiful dress. Choose a creamy yellow color for the main dress and yellow flowers for you mobile.

Decorating Plan
Many decorations you need absolutely depends on the building you use for organizing parties and yellow variety that suits your wedding yellow dress.

Use the yellow flowers for interior decoration. Because our country is a tropical country, then you will easily get a variety of yellow flowers with lots of variety.

You can also combine other colors to yellow sweeten your d├ęcor.

For example, the color lime green, bright blue or brown and golden. However, make sure that the dominant color is yellow. Make sure the various items such as tablecloths, napkins, tulle, ribbon and even dim light shades of yellow.

Decorating a buffet table
You can choose yellow daisies or roses on the buffet table to create a bright atmosphere. You can use this interest as well to complement your bridal dress yellow. Decorate vase with yellow ribbon and glass beads air shades of yellow.

Fold the napkin as attractive as possible by forming various shapes and models. In the guest chair, make sure the tie knot used yellow. But for the seat cover, you can use a white or creamy white color as yellow wedding dress used.